My work explores the polarity of extremes in a subtle and simple form. It often derives from emotional strength of a story told or a feeling once hidden - much like shedding light on dark matters. The world of 3D is a vast arena of techniques and disciplines; from lighting, shading, texturing, modeling, composing and rendering. Each of these disciplines finds a home in me, and I cherish and respect those technical abilties to amplify my creative conceptions.
Matt ‘Shimuzu’ Smith
Shimuzu is an artist's moniker adopted by Matt Smith to lend gravitas to his eastern heritage and ideology. His work is both spiritually and technically grounded - drawing light to take form in a world of darkness, and honing in on the simplest and microscopic of gestures that gives breath to life.  His works are invariably imbued with a sense of calm, serenity and obtuse grandeur. 

Shimuzu's skills range across many disciplines - graphic and web design, illustration, photography, music and 3D. His 3D artwork borrows techniques from photography and is inspired by the works of Bruce Weber and paintings from The Old Masters, as well as more contemporary artists like Mark Ryden, Boris Vallejo and fashionista Alexander McQueen. An unlikely source for his inspiration stem from electronica music (IDM) which relies upon individualistic experimentation rather than adhering to musical characteristics associated with specific genres - much like the way he would like to expand on his work.
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